Welcome to the Family

We’re very excited to announce a number of new members to the Oasis Farmery family. Wednesday night, a close friend of ours, Gracen Johnson, put on a great vermiculture workshop at the soon-to-be-open Fredericton Makerspace. For those unfamiliar, vemiculture (or vermicompost) is essentially composting with worms. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it produces exceptionally fertile soil for planting, so of course Andrew and I participated alongside all the other worm lovers. It’s safe to say we too are now converts to the worm-loving cult, and we’re pleased to share that we now have two living vermiculture systems running, both of which will eventually be used to support the growth of our plants.

The workshop was an exceptionally exciting night for us, only made more enjoyable by watching all the children light up at the sight of worms and, of course, power tools. Andrew and I think power tools are great too but we’re a little more enthusiastic about finding ways to incorporate these two new working systems into the Oasis Farmery. The worm castings produced can be used on our plants, which mean healthier plants for us and better tasting ones for you!

Another major development this week at Oasis Farmery is our shift towards manufacturing smaller, more manageable aquaponics systems for domestic use. These new miniature systems are some of the easiest and most efficient ways to grow home plants and produce, designed by Andrew so carefully that essentially no setup is required. Grab some fish, fish feed, seeds of your liking, plug in the system, and you’ll be growing aquaponically at home in a snap! If you’d like to know more about these limited stock models, email us at oasisfarmery@gmail.com. Use the promotional code: OASISBLOG in your email for $50 towards your home aquaponics system!

We weathered hurricane Arthur, this hot Fredericton weather hasn’t slowed us down, and we’re about to release our new domestic aquaponics kit. The energy around the Oasis Farmery is infectious and we’re looking forward to some exciting developments in the weeks that lay ahead. Until next time, eat well and be happy!




Beta model of the Home Aquaponics System, available for pre-order now!

Beta model of the Home Aquaponics System, available for order now!

Use the power of aquaponics to grow herbs and vegetables quickly in your own home!

Use the power of aquaponics to grow herbs and vegetables quickly in your own home, and have pet goldfish at the same time.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

  1. Just the thing for the Wildman women, Jake. I’m contemplating ordering a system for each of their kitchens. (Especially Collingwood St.) All the Best, Ed

    • Ed,

      Hope you’re enjoying the weekly updates on our work. If you’re interested, we can arrange to deliver a few systems when I’m back in Ontario early into Autumn. Keep me updated on your thoughts and keep letting us know how you feel about the posts!

      Thanks, Ed.

  2. With every great idea comes questions. Will this system simply be for the home or are their commercial opportunities? In BC their is a significant movement for restaurants to grow their own herbs, you would think this would compliment their need for fresh fish as well, is that a market you would approach? Have you thought of setting up a unit in a modified shipping container to see how it would fair? The 20 foot variety seems to be the size of choice for the ally ways behind the restaurants.
    I’d be interested in how far a long you are in this venture.

  3. One key aspect about aquaponics – the bigger, the better. Take an aquarium for example. Everyone starts out with a small aquarium, usually 10 gallon. And most end up getting rid of it within a year. The reason for this is because of size. A 10 gallon tank is not for the novice, it’s for the expert.

    It is extremely difficult to properly maintain a small amount of water. But a 100 gallon tank is a breeze as it is far more forgiving to mistakes and forgetting to do things.

    The same is true for a small aquaponics system. There us actually a size limitation on the small end where you will have nothing but problems.

    While aquaponics is cool and an amazing rediscovery of very ancient technology, it requires a great deal of knowledge to be done successfully.


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