Kickstarter Countdown

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What an exciting past couple weeks. July 30th marked the end of the TME Foundry accelerator program that Jake and I have had the great opportunity to take part in. The achievements of the Foundry cohort were celebrated that night at the Foundry Fest, and you could feel the positive energy in the room. That night, live at the event during our presentation, we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the $10 000 that we need to expand our aquaponics operation to grow more local and organic fish and vegetables for the region.

Two days later I got married to Anna Haines on a perfect first day of August, and Jake was our MC for the wedding reception. Then Anna and I were off on our honeymoon to Ireland for 9 days, and Jake was off to travel the world as well.

While overseas, Jake and I were able to push the Kickstarter, and have raised over $6000 towards our goal, but we need your help. If we don’t raise our $10 000 goal in the next 12 days, we won’t get any of the money. That’s how Kickstarter works; it’s all or nothing.

So we need your help either in the form of support or by sharing our Kickstarter link to the right people that you know. Watch the video on our Kickstarter for more information or read the Entrevestor article that was written about Oasis Farmery.

Kickstarter and video:

Entrevestor article:




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