Supporting The Heart of Culture

We wish you a happy (insert your winter celebration here)! As you gather with family and friends on the warmest time of the year, we at Oasis Farmery want to wish you all a very special holiday. We know a great number of you have or will be receiving your Kickstarter rewards, which we’ve been told many are to be Christmas gifts, so let us know what you or your loved ones think once they’ve been opened.

The rewards we scrupulously picked for our Kickstarter campaign predominately go to supporting local artists. Food plays such a strong role in shaping culture, which is why our work sets out to support the development of ours in North America, but we equally believe artistic expression in its various other forms is as important to building strong communities and culture.

For those of you who are receiving these artistic gifts from our campaign, we ask that you admire the efforts and artistic intelligence that went into them. For those of you reading this who didn’t purchase one of our Kickstarter rewards, wander out into your own community to survey your local arts scene. Grab some inspiration and support a local artist or craftsperson. After all, it’s the holidays and this little act of gratitude for will go a long way.

We wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to sharing the exciting projects coming to the surface in the New Year. Stay safe and eat well!



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