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What an exciting past couple weeks. July 30th marked the end of the TME Foundry accelerator program that Jake and I have had the great opportunity to take part in. The achievements of the Foundry cohort were celebrated that night at the Foundry Fest, and you could feel the positive energy in the room. That night, live at the event during our presentation, we launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise the $10 000 that we need to expand our aquaponics operation to grow more local and organic fish and vegetables for the region.

Two days later I got married to Anna Haines on a perfect first day of August, and Jake was our MC for the wedding reception. Then Anna and I were off on our honeymoon to Ireland for 9 days, and Jake was off to travel the world as well.

While overseas, Jake and I were able to push the Kickstarter, and have raised over $6000 towards our goal, but we need your help. If we don’t raise our $10 000 goal in the next 12 days, we won’t get any of the money. That’s how Kickstarter works; it’s all or nothing.

So we need your help either in the form of support or by sharing our Kickstarter link to the right people that you know. Watch the video on our Kickstarter for more information or read the Entrevestor article that was written about Oasis Farmery.

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The Right People, The Right Progress

The pace is picking up at the Oasis Farmery as our days in the Summer Institute Foundry Program slowly check themselves off the calendar. Andrew and I are starting to gear up for our final cohort presentation on July 30 at the Cedar Tree Café, and the process of doing so is reaffirming the significant roles all the Foundry mentors and fellow entrepreneurs are playing in our development.

Just today, Gracen made the bicycle trek, full camera gear in tow, from her place on the South side of Fredericton to the Oasis Farmery on the North side to shoot some photos for our final presentation. And earlier this week, Philip Leblanc took the time to put the final touches on our logo, ensuring every last curve, splatter, and colour coincided with our vision for the company. Without these people, and the many others Andrew’s mentioned in the past, this company wouldn’t look close to what we’re now so proud of.

Propinquity to and cooperation with the right people has made us realize how important it is to bring on new teammates for the exciting year ahead. This week we sat down to speak with two potential candidates for the Oasis Farmery team and were blown away by the enthusiasm we saw for the Oasis Farmery model we’ve built. If those meetings are any reflection of the type of people the Oasis Farmery is going to attract as we continue to expand the team, expanding the impact of this company could happen much more rapidly than first anticipated… and we’re looking forward to it.

If you’re interested in a night of great food, great people, and great ideas, get your name on the list for the final Foundry presentation at the end of the month where we will present our progress with the other great companies in our cohort. Follow this link to register: .



Jake Wildman-Sisk

Growth at the Farmery

After seven days without power, the aquaponics system turned on Friday evening without requiring the portable generator. This hurricane was quite the stress test for the system, but all of the fish survived and the plants are much happier now with a reliable source of water and nutrients. Even without power the tomato plants now have a handful of small green tomatoes where the flowers use to be, which will soon be ripe, red, and ready to eat.

As the plants continue to grow, so do Jake and I. We have had the great opportunity to be one of the five companies in the Technology Management and Entrepreneurship’s (TME) Foundry program this summer. Foundry has allowed us to work with a cohort of young entrepreneurs, get expertise from a variety of mentors, and get the funding we need to get started.

The companies in Foundry are all making a positive impact on people’s lives in very different ways. Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed have started a mental health conscious clothing line called Wear Your Label, Danny Nuguyen is providing Fredericton with delicious Vietnamese food at Beyond Saigon, Kati Waygood of Waygood Mobile Therapy is changing preventative health care, and Anna Haines of Ploome is enriching lives by teaching and selling fiber arts. Jake and I as the Oasis Farmery are part of this great group, and we all teach, support, and provide feedback to each other.

But as young entrepreneurs we only know so much, so Foundry has provided us with mentors that are experts in their fields. These mentors include Rivers Corbett (Serial Entrepreneur, Relish Gourmet Burgers), Philip LeBlanc (Artist & Designer, Fredericton Makerspace), Johnny Leroux (Architect & Designer), Gracen Johnson (Media Relations & Videography), and Dhirendra Shukla (MSc in Chemical Engineering, MBA, PhD, & TME Director).

Through this three month program, Foundry has propelled the Oasis Farmery towards being a successful business by providing us with a group of fellow entrepreneurs to lean on, mentors to guide us, and the money to grow.