Oasis Farmery’s focus is on designing and developing integrated solutions to enable communities to live regeneratively; that is to exceed the minimum requirement of being sustainable and to create abundance. Regenerative living is marked by increasing biodiversity, building topsoil, creating excess energy, sequestering greenhouse gases, and having more than enough food to go around. As this goal cannot be attained through a single solution, a synergistic combination of ideas are required that are interdependent and based upon working with the natural world.

Andrew Mathis and his wife Anna live in an old farmhouse on 2 acres in Durham Bridge, New Brunswick with their son Gibson and daughter Juniper, in the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik. Andrew and Anna and have been doing at least one major permaculture project a year to convert the land they steward from mostly lawn into something more productive. Their first project was a four-season greenhouse, and that has been followed by a perennial garden, a 1/3 acre food forest, a no-till hoophouse, a compost toilet, a mushroom garden, and this year we started beekeeping. The next plan is to put in a swim pond with a small cabin!

Aside from practicing permaculture, Andrew is a permaculture teacher and consultant. Andrew has been working on four-season greenhouse design since 2014, and after years of reading and practicing permaculture, Andrew did his Permaculture Design Certification with Rob Avis and Verge Permaculture in 2021. Andrew is currently a mechanical engineering PhD student studying nonlinear control at the University of New Brunswick, and has diplomas in university teaching and technology, management, and entrepreneurship.