Oasis Farmery’s focus is on designing and developing integrated solutions to enable communities to live regeneratively; that is to exceed the minimum requirement of being sustainable and to create abundance. Regenerative living is marked by increasing biodivierty, building topsoil, creating excess energy, sequestering greenhouse gases, and having more than enough food to go around. As this goal cannot be attained through a single solution, a synergistic combination of ideas are required that are interdependent and based upon working with the natural world.

The four-season greenhouse is one solution that can be used to work towards regenerative living. To work with nature, this greenhouse is designed to maximize the capture of solar energy through the coldest parts of the year, to retain that heat with insulated walls, and to store excess energy for later use in an Earth-Air Heat Exchanger. Together, these allow the growing season to be extended such that crops can be grown year-round, a necessity with the cold winters we have in this corner of the world.

Andrew Mathis has been working on four-season greenhouse design since 2014 and is currently a mechanical engineering PhD student studying nonlinear control at the University of New Brunswick.