Contour Maps

Contour maps are an extremely useful tool in designing a permaculture property, as they can help you determine where to place water capturing structures such as swales or ponds, how steep slopes are and potential frost pocket locations, and ideal locations for access or structures. By showing lines of constant elevation, contour maps can represent the changes in elevation in an area with a 2D image. New Brunswick has publicly available LiDAR data showing the topography of the province here. We can convert this raw high resolution LiDAR data into a contour map of your property.

We provide 2 mapping packages to better suit your needs. If you only need the contour map for your project, we can provide it in both a PDF and a KMZ file (for viewing in Google Earth Pro), for only $30 + tax. But if you need elevation, aspect, slope, flow, drainage, and watershed data, we provide a complete mapping package as detailed below.

FeaturesBasic Mapping PackageComplete Mapping Package
Contour Map
Elevation & Parted Elevation
Elevation & Parted Elevation (ground only)
Aspect & Parted Aspect
Slope & Parted Slope
Flow Accumulation
Drainage Basins
Local & Greater Watersheds
Price$30 + tax$200 + tax

To get started, just email us the address of the property and which mapping package you’d like!